Who are we?

At doeTAAL we, Frea and Heleen, work together as teachers. We have a great deal of deliberation about how to help our students learn Dutch in an effective way. We give feedback to each other and exchange our experience with different learning methods. We make use of the newest insights in the field of learning a second or third language. We share the training materials that we create ourselves. In this way we make use of the possibilities of cooperation between two teachers. This has a positive effect on our students who are learning the Dutch language. Below you can find more about our personal motivation and experience. Do you want to find out more about how doeTAAL works? Then find out by proceeding to the page on how we work.

Frea van Wolfswinkel

Frea - Dutch teacher at doeTAAL
I started as a teacher in biology. A wonderful subject, which I really enjoyed teaching. However, my students weren’t always as motivated and interested as I would like as an enthusiastic teacher.

This was very different when I voluntarily started to teach Dutch to refugees in the asylum center in Utrecht. They were wonderful people to work for. That is why I decided to start the education to become a teacher in Dutch as a second language, back in 2000. Starting in that year, I have had even more pleasure in teaching Dutch to hundreds of students. These students were from all countries and had a broad range of cultural backgrounds. I taught students that had to do the integration exam at A2 level, or the state exam at level I or II. After that, I have taught to many expats, who wanted to learn the language of the country that they lived in. This helped them in their social contacts and in their working environment. I now have experience to build on with all kinds of levels and audiences.

Having obtained all this knowledge and experience, I decided to start my own language school in 2009. This school started with the goal that it still lives by: giving each student exactly the type of education that he or she needs. This teaching is not hindered by any boundary conditions, which I regularly experienced at other language schools. That is how doeTAAL started. Due to the success of the formula of doeTAAL, there was room for another teacher, Heleen Arnold. Together we have started the V.O.F. doeTAAL in August 2015. This enables us to educate even more students in the way that they need.

Heleen Arnold

Heleen - Docent NT2 bij doeTAAL
I have been working at doeTAAL with great pleasure since 2014. After years of teaching in regular primary education I started the education to become a teacher in Dutch as a second language at the Hogeschool Utrecht. I enjoy working at a small language school, as at doeTAAL I can make my own choices and give students customized education. I see lots of possibilities for the students in our small groups. I can make time for my students and estimate one’s personal capabilities in order to optimally use this to teach Dutch.

For me it is very important that each students follows a program that fits his or her personal goals. I give my students personal supervision and tips using email and Skype. I love to challenge my students and to stimulate them to speak Dutch, first in a lesson, but later in the real world. I really enjoy to experience how my students learn how to speak and write Dutch better every time I see them.

Students do not only learn to speak and write from the teacher, but also from each other: that is why students give each other feedback: speaking usually happens in the classroom; writing is something we do in the classes, but also via exercises that students mail to each other to receive and give feedback. After this, students send their final version towards me and receive feedback if necessary. Learning by yourself and your own contribution is very important to me!


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