Customer reviews

This page shows some of our customers reviews. All of these reviews have been submitted via email or websites such as Google Maps and Marktplaats. The reviews are written by students that have followed a language course at doeTAAL.
Dutch language course at doeTAAL

Patrick (Germany)

Good language school! Heleen gives outstanding lessons with exercises tailored towards your needs. A friendly atmosphere and very structured lessons. It was a pleasure every time 🙂

Elizabeth (Mexico)

Great language school. Heleen is very nice and listens to your needs. You can practice different exercises during the lesson and get feedback (writing, speaking, use of vocabulary, etc.). Very flexible with the schedule as well 👍

Rio (Japan/United States)

I have been learning Dutch with Heleen for 1 year now, and I have seen noticeable improvement in my Dutch language skills, including grammar and correct pronunciation. It has given me the confidence to start speaking in Dutch! In the lessons. Heleen explains concepts very thoroughly, and she makes it easy to understand and retain new information. She also gives great feedback on the homework assignments, and I have grown a lot in my writing abilities. I have also learned key aspects of the Dutch culture from Heleen. The class is also interactive, and I have many opportunities to practice speaking Dutch in practical ways. I also love the friendly atmosphere of the class, and enjoy attending the class every week. I would highly recommend the lessons with Heleen!

Onur (Turkey)

This is an amazing school for people who don’t just want to learn the language, but also the culture! While you follow would be following a language course, you would also be learning about the life and the culture from a true Utrechter. Another plus is that the lesson groups consist of at maximum 5 people, so your experience would be more personalized comparing to a bigger language school.

Mary (Canada)

I am enjoying my time learning Dutch at Doetaal. I love the small classes and the progress I am making. Heleen, the instructor, really makes an effort to personalize the pace and lessons according to your level. She is very supporting and motivational. I highly recommend Doetaal!

Anding (China)

About a few years ago, I decided to learn dutch and tried two courses. Unfortunately, there was no success and I found dutch is horrible difficult for me. Luckily when I was about to give up my dutch, I met doeTAAL. I like very much their good program and a small group study. Mrs Heleen is patient and very good teacher, and she guided me through all the very difficult grammers, speaking etc, and the most important of all, she stimulated me with new energy to progress my dutch. I don’t know how she did that, but I believed this is what good teacher for.

Elif (Turkey)

I started learning Dutch 2 years ago before I came across Doetaal. It was very disappointing because it was a large group of people. I could only speak once or twice during the classes. Here, in Doetaal, lessons are for 2-4 people and that is why learning experience is totally customized to your level. I learned a lot in Doetaal in such a short amount of time. We have the chance to practice a lot during 2 hours of course weekly. Mrs. Heleen guides us perfectly with homework, speaking, teaching grammar, pronunciation and always very prompt to answer questions anytime. Many Thanks to Mrs. Heleen who kept my motivation high and made learning Dutch pleasurable!


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