How does doeTAAL work?

Books for Dutch lessons at doeTAALdoeTAAL is an officially recognized language school in Utrecht. The teacher at doeTAAL is Heleen Arnold, who is certified to teach Dutch as a second language for all levels. She is very experienced in this.

doeTAAL aims for students that can learn autonomously with little supervision. This is why many higher educated expats follow language courses at doeTAAL. The teacher decides, after a (free) intake, which group is most suitable for the student.

At doeTAAL we work with private lessons. The lessons are used for lots of practice to improve speaking and to explain new materials. Pieces of audio, texts from Dutch current affairs, songs and movies are regularly used during class. A nice method to train the skill of reading and listening!

Outside of class, students are expected to spend an average of 3 to 4 hours per week on homework. The homework consists of exercises in listening, speaking and grammar. These exercises are taken from the teaching method and from other materials selected by the teacher. Students can send an email or WhatsApp with questions to the teacher every working day. Feedback on writing exercises is also given by email.

doeTAAL looks at the personal needs for each student when they apply. It is possible to work on certain parts of learning Dutch, for example by focussing on speaking or writing. We are flexible in planning these lessons, allowing you to learn Dutch at a time that suits you. Private lessons can also be taken via a Skype conversation or via Zoom, if a student wishes to.

At doeTAAL we do not work with a fixed curriculum, or set end of a course, as you are never finished with learning a language! We can help you to prepare for certain exams, such as the integration exam (inburgerinsexamen) at level A2 or the state exam (staatsexamen) at level I (B1) or II (B2).


A language course at doeTAAL costs € 40 per hour. A private lesson usually takes 90 minutes. The same fee applies to lessons with two persons, which means the fee will be split, and will be € 20 per hour per person. This includes all supervision by email and WhatsApp. At the end of each month doeTAAL will send an invoice, which can be paid by bank transfer.


Contact doeTAAL directly by using the contact page!