Who is doeTAAL?

At this moment I, Heleen, teach Dutch at doeTAAL. I am also involved in an (online) network of teacher in Dutch as a second language, to optimally help all students to learn Dutch in an effective way. In this network many teachers in Dutch, including me, exchange experiences with various learning materials. Next to this, we discuss new insights in learning a second or third language. We also share learning materials that we create for our students. This allows me to benefit from the advantages of collaberation between teachers. Below you can read more about my personal motivation and experience. Do you want to find out more about how doeTAAL works? Then find out by proceeding to the page on our methods.

Heleen Arnold

Heleen - Dutch teacher at doeTAAL

I have been working at doeTAAL with great pleasure since 2014. After years of teaching in regular primary education I started the education to become a teacher in Dutch as a second language at the Hogeschool Utrecht. I enjoy working at a small language school, as at doeTAAL I can make my own choices and give students customized education.In private lessons I can help students advance in Dutch, using their own strenghts and competences.

For me it is very important that each students follows a program that fits his or her personal goals. I give my students personal supervision and tips using email, WhatsApp and Skype. I love to challenge my students and to stimulate them to speak Dutch, first in a lesson, but later in the real world. It gives me a sense of enjoyment to experience how my students learn how to speak and write Dutch better every time I see them.

Learning by yourself and your own contribution is very important to me!

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Frea van Wolfswinkel (retired founder)

Frea - Former Dutch teacher at doeTAAL

doeTAAL was founded by Frea van Wolfswinkel in 2009. She started her education in Dutch as a second language in 2000, after teaching Dutch to refugees in Utrecht for several years. After this she has teached Dutch to many groups and persons, via various organizations. With all this knowledge and experience she decided it was time to start her own school in 2009, with the goal of giving each student the education that he or she needs personally. And so doeTAAL was founded. Frea has enjoyed teaching Dutch for years, in 2014 being joined by Heleen. After some intensive years, the moment arrived to calm things down. Since 2018, Frea is enjoying her well-deserved retirement.


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